Paul Bárcena Mapi is a fine art photographer.

He was born in 1986 in Querétaro, Mexico, not far from the capital. First trained in Accounting and Finance, he worked in that field for five years.

Photography came into play gradually. It started with personal experiments and part-time classes at La Escuela Activa de Fotografía nearby. Eventually he took it a step further, moving to New York City to train at the International Center of Photography, graduating in 2016.

He is currently living and working in New York.


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Institutionalized (solo exhibition)

- SoAM Studio, New York City, 2017

Another Kind of Paradise

- International Center of Photography, New York City, 2016

100% Abstract in Le Dame Art Gallery in London

- Le Dame gallery, London, 2017

Paddle 8 (auction)

- 231 Maujer


Rita K. Hillman Award for Excellence

- International Center of Photography, New York City, 2016


Baxter St Camera Club of New York


Co-founder of Sentence